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Keeping it Real: My A1C Test Results for 12/20/2012


As I’ve mentioned in the past, in the spirit of “Keeping it Real“, I am posting my progress notes and A1C test results. Below are the results from my 12/20/2012 test. It’s not good news but I am more determined than ever to reverse this disease and get my health back.

My A1C Test Results for 12/20/2012 |

Read my post, “What is an A1C Test?” for more information on A1C values and what they mean.

What is an A1C Test?


A hemoglobin A1C test is a way of measuring your glucose levels over a three-month period, which is way more accurate than what your glucometer readings are showing you at this very moment. For example, when I prick my finger and measure my sugar levels in the afternoon after demolishing a McDiabetes hamburger and fries for lunch (ha ha no, I don’t really eat that crap anymore), I’m only measuring what my levels are at that exact moment. Blood glucose levels vary throughout the day, even in the morning after fasting during sleep when you have not eaten at all for the previous 8 hours (mine’s all over the place in the mornings). The A1C test gives you, for better or worse, a “big picture” measurement from the combined previous 3 months.

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